Monday, February 06, 2006

Transplants - only within the family

Fortunately, none of my family have ever required organ transplants - but we've been doing jeans transplants for years. My son Cass is almost 25 and left home 7 years ago to go to university (yes, he's still there! He's doing 2 degrees, Engineering and Architecture) but he still brings his jeans home for mending. Now it's a little-known fact, and one I don't broadcast, but I'm a good, nay proficient, jeans mender.

Harvesting the donor jeans is not difficult - I usually have some past their best. It's the recipient jeans that require work - firstly, they have to be removed from the owner, and then washed, before any transplant work can be undertaken. Today I've done 8 transplant patches, so that 2 pairs of Cass's jeans may live another day. Here's the "after" photo. You can't see all the patches as some are in the (ahem) buttocks region.

Not all the ragged bits require mending - apparently, you can't buy cool jeans these days that are not distressed. I'd be distressed about paying good money for clothes with rips and holes in them, so clearly I'm not cool.

That was my first sewing for 2 weeks!


Charleen said...

I'm happy to hear that you're starting to feel good enough to sew. Even if it's to mend the dear boy's jeans. :-)

Claire said...

Oh boy... did I need you when I was at uni! LOL. Mine always gave up the ghost in the upper thigh, bum area and I would just wear my thermals underneath and pretend it was cool! I was an engineering student too :-)

smarcoux said...

Wow .... look at the family resemblance its fantastic!!! apple did not drop far from the tree then!
Oh yes you were going to link to my blog ... but I dont see it !!! hehehe
Sandy (cheeky grin)

Carol said...

I loved the story of the jeans, reminded me of a pair my husband had back in 1967, they ended up more patch than jeans and were much loved.

Rayna said...

Shirley, you ought to sell these in the U.S. - ones like this sell for about $300 USD in NY stores.

Sarah said...

Shirley -

I have made it over to your blog and am reading my way through it! Enjoying it!

Funny that your son is going to school to be an engineer/architect. My husband is an architect. How much longer does your son have in school?