Sunday, February 26, 2006

Taniwha Part 2

I am trying to achieve something today, so I've cut out and fused my taniwha. I hope these don't look too much like critters out of Ghostbusters; I am trying to make them look like authentic monsters. Faithful readers may have noticed that nothing is actually getting COMPLETED. My broken ankle is my sewing foot, and in New Zealand, also my driving foot. Which is why I'm blogging so much - I am effectively housebound. I think I'll start making some fabric postcards, as these won't take a lot of sewing. Anyone on the other side of world (ie most of you) care to exchange these with me?


TeraRoop said...

That'd be lovely - I've never received a handwritten letter, let alone a postcard made of fabric.

I hope your ankle heals soon, as I get the feeling you're not enjoying being housebound very much. I could be wrong, but being inside the house all day isn't too good for you, anyway.

Love the kitty-kat.

marion said...

mememe, I'll swap. You know where to find me...or rather, I know where to find you, haha.

Anonymous said...

I just discoverd your blog and would absolutely love to swap post cards! I'll send you an email with my address and start making a post card for you right away! I don't have a blog site, so I'm not registred, that's why this is annoymous.

Lilymane said...

Is it too late? Do you have too many fabric postcards on your swap list? If not, count me in. My email is (although I'm in the US - it's just my hubby's company that's in NZ.) Let me know. I love your blog. I ESPECIALLY love the Taniwha.