Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Racing.... but not racing

Here it is, my new racing cast. Unfortunately, I won't be racing on it for some time. The doctor took an x-ray in order to explain why not. Quite an impressive array of hardware inside, with 1 of the screws going from one side of my ankle to the other through both bones. I can expect to be not properly mobile for at least 12 weeks. AAARRRGGHHH!
This requires me to do some rethinking about what I can do and how I can spend my time. And, most of all, what I am going to do about my dye business in the meantime.


marion said...

Poor you, twelve weeks must feel like an eternity. Question is...can you make textile art on your racing cast? A bit of applique, perhaps? Or some crochet?

Elle said...

That red cast is pretty cool although I'm sure you're pretty "done" with it all already. Hope you get better soon!

teri springer said...

Oh my. Yep, we are twins! I have 2 plates and 12 screws in my right femur just above the knee. I was 12. That's when I learned how to knit. The mom of one of my roomies (and I went thru a lot of them in 8 weeks in the hospital) taught me after I taught her illiterate 4th grader (I was in 5th) how to read.

Could be worse....could be your arm! Now, get fusing!!

teri (who shouldn't talk- I haven't done anything creative outside glass and weaving class since before Christmas)