Thursday, February 16, 2006

Storm in a teapot

Thanks to all those who took the trouble to give me their views on the teapot issue. Generally you agreed that the cream one looked out of place, so I've replaced it with a blue one. I don't really have much floral fabric in my stash anymore, so the contrast fabric is actually the small cream floral painted blue. The picture is a bit fuzzy (do not adjust your eyes) but it's the values that matter here, and these colours fit in much better with the others.

Why did I use calico for the background ? (for American readers = muslin). Partly because it goes with everything, and also these patterns are aimed at beginners, who will inevitably have calico. Plus it keeps the cost down. Today I'm going to work on blanket stitching these (yes, by hand!) and I'll post photos of the next stage when I decide how to present them in the wallhanging (eg what sort of borders to have).


Mona strickt said...

Hello Shirley,

I tried aspirin, but the pink desire still lingers...maybe because there wasn't much chance for me to rest?

I admired the pictures on your blog - especially "Eclipse" and "Otago". Love them!

Greetings to New Zealand,


MargaretR said...

The teapots are lovely Shirley, especially now you have taken out the creamy one. But I love the funky ones, but being me and loving black backgrounds I can just see those on black. Lush!

nzbaglady said...

Love the bright teapots.
Would look wonderful on black.


iHanna said...

your pots and pans are very beautiful, I like them a lot. A bit Kaffe Fassett maybe? Reminds me of his patterns. :-)