Sunday, February 05, 2006

Recovering my sanity

Thanks to everyone who wished me well as I recover from my very first broken and/or dislocated bones. Fortunately, my head has recovered from anaesthetic-affected mush, which is a big plus.

Obviously, I can't work as normal, so I'm enjoying having my son Cass and his girlfriend Hattie here for a few days. It's a holiday weekend here in New Zealand. However, some things still need to be done - here's a photo of some fabric for my Surface Design class at the NZ Quilting Symposium next January, which I need to get a hard copy of and send away. This was taken with my new Sony digital camera - the old Sony was damaged when I dropped it and will no longer open .

I really miss my quilting, and I'm trying to decide how best to use the next month or so before I can get around properly.

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