Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It seemed like a good idea at the time

I have changed my colours, but what a pain! Melody Johnson kindly copied my links for me, so I reinstated those ok, but lost all my webring buttons. I've got 2 back on but have to find the code for the 3rd one yet. And I'm still not happy with the colours, though I've managed to change the text colour.
Here's the first bread I've made since my accident - it's sourdough, and I've had the starter over two years now. I love this bread! And here is a great book I've just finished reading - it's about the history of paints, pigments and dyes. The author takes each colour in turn, and goes all over the world seeking today's versions. It's fascinating for anyone interested in colour. Did you know the colour of the universe was beige? Scientists have calculated that if all light in the universe could be put in a box, that's the colour it would be. They prefer to call it "cosmic latte" - I can see why.


abeautifulcraft said...

I can almost smell your bread from across the 'pond' ... looks delicious too! Am drooling! LOL

Webfrau said...

That sounds a really interesting book, I must look for it.