Sunday, February 12, 2006

On a (blog)roll

Kathryn has growled at me for not posting every day, so I've taken this to heart. Here's a wee project I'm working on - it will become a quilted book cover for my brother's birthday next week. I know I don't have the proportions right for the background piece, so I will no doubt have to do some creative adjustments.

One amusing thing I didn't mention earlier about my trip to hospital - I had been clothesline dyeing the previous day, and not only were my arms liberally spotted with dye (a result of the wind getting up), but as usual, I was barefoot (it's summer here), and the soles of my feet were a delightful greeny-black colour from all the dye that had dripped onto the lawn. Every time a doctor looked at me and frowned, I had to explain that it was dye, and not bruising, gangrene or any other nasty thing. The red splotches on my arm looked interesting too. At least the doctors have remembered me when I've seen them again!


Rayna said...

LOL- my foot had been in pain and it turns out I have a heel spur. But I never went to the doctor to find that out until I woke up one day with a red spot right where the pain was. I was sure it was subcutaneous bleeding and called the doctor in a panic. Red dye.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Oh Rayna! That's so like me - when the cast was changed this week, I saw this line of redness on my foot that I thought was internal bleeding - till Kathryn told me it was red dye!

Ross said...

And a very nice present it was. Ross (Shirley's brother)