Thursday, February 09, 2006

Longing for fabric

Yes, folks, after 2 weeks of abstinence, I'm just itching to do stuff with fabric. I have a number of ideas for small projects, some with hand embroidery/stitching, that I wnat to explore, though I'll need my trusty friend Kathryn to help get me set up. My daughter put away all my fabric and my ironing board in the stock room, much of it up on the spare bed, and of course, I can't get at it. I am hooked on fusing (see the blog of my goddess Melody, who is such an inspiration) - to me, it's the technique I've been searching for that really appeals to the way I work.

I also want to work out how to get yarns (and rovings) into my quilts. I've seen knitting covered with sheers, then stitched and burned, but I'm not really a burning gal. Any good ideas? Let me know.


helen suzanne said...

Hi Shirley,
I was wondering if felting pieces then appliqué, or how about hooking some yarns to produce a small loopy texture on some fabric. On my boxes I've been trying machine couching some yarns with a very open zigzag.

here's hoping you don't get too frustrated with the ankle.

smarcoux said...

hi shirley
send me your address and i can send you a postcard from Paris
wildwestgirly at yahoo dot com

Rayna said...

Well, it's a jazzy looking cast - but 12 weeks??? Aarrgh. I'll send you my husband's sweater to finish knitting.