Monday, September 10, 2012

Feeling like felting

I know I've been very remiss about posting as I'm not sure if anyone is reading blogs these days.  Due to time constraints, I mostly just look at Facebook to see what my creative community is doing.  I'd be interested in reader comments on that issue.

It's only 11 days till the end of Term 3.  Year 2 of the degree has been really busy and demanding, and while there are fewer classes next year, I have a Major Project which is done independently and which is the equivalent of 3 papers, so it won't be any easier.

I'm doing felting of various kinds in 2 projects at present - vessels in Professional Practice, and pods in Sculpture.  Much of what we do is conceptual, critical reflective and so on, but we do have to produce actual finished work for Sculpture, so I've been concentrating on that.

My daughter Sophie wanted a felt hat for her birthday, and to ensure that I made a good job, I went to another of Bex Pilley's hat felting classes.  Here's a few photos of what went on.

 Bex explaining how to fold the fibre over the template.
 Some of the luscious colours the class was using.  Sophie's hat was plain black so no photos.
 And here are some of the finished hats....a pixie hat...
 ..a fedora style...
 ...a cloche hat...
 ..a pixie hat with a fedora top...
 ..and another cloche.
 Here's the pods I made during the class for my sculpture project.
And lastly, here's the dogs enjoying a patch of sunlight on my bed.