Sunday, January 25, 2015

A spot of shibori

Or "tie dye", as some may know it.  In addition to dyeing colour gradation bundles of fabric for the Textile Emporium shop, I have been doing a spot of shibori.  Firstly, some silk scarves.

 The shibori effects were very subtle on the scarves as they are so thin and fine.
Above are the bundles of colour gradations - just plain colours here.
 Then I took 8 fat quarters of plan fabric and tied and bound them in various ways.  You can follow the progress of the various shapes below.
 Here's the first tray with the dye on.  The bags contain leftover dye that I have used to overdye some dull commercial fabric.
 The second tray.
 The reveal!  The green one had small unripe peaches tied in it.
 The blue one was rolled around tiny ceramic tiles.
The burgundy one was clipped and tied.
The purple one was pleated and tied.
The yellow one was wrapped and tied.
 The turquoise one was folded into triangles and clipped.
The coffee one was also pleated  and tied.
 The fuchsia one was folded and resisted with cardboard.

Here they all are ready to go to the shop.