Sunday, September 20, 2009

New and improved!

I bought some 44 gallon drums that had been cut into smaller rounds. These are for growing potatoes, yams, tomatoes and so on. They are naturally bottomless, so will sit on top of the old garden, which had not had crop rotation practised upon it.
After painting, they look like this.............
...........and this.
And after a recent foray to the hairdressers', I look like THIS - the front part that I wanted "slightly redder" is considerably redder due to the fact that (ahem)I am actually totally grey around my face. So it's red (and longer) at the front, blonde on top and the natural strange mixture of colours at the back.

A change is as good as rest. So they say.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

September - updating the blog at last

Here's my kowhai tree (Sophora) in full flower.
The grape hyacinths (muscari) are plentiful....
....and I love the little hoop petticoat daffodils.
I bought this red settee for the corner of the living room after I gave Sophie the yellow one - I like the red better. So does Cressy!
And while I'm not quilting at present, I AM knitting. Here's the back of the possum merino cardigan all finished - currently I'm halfway up the first front.