Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Now for something completely different

While my focus is now on art quilts, I appreciate that these don't appeal to everyone. My plans for this year include moving into a retail space in the Historic Precinct (currently being renovated by the local Trust who own the stone buildings, and who encourage artisans and crafstpeople to work there). Many quilters here are traditional, so I want to have patterns available that will provide some bread-and-butter income. I love old china teapots, so I've drawn up these designs, which I'm making in 2 different styles as a wallhanging - one floral, the other funky. See what you think. The cream floral one looks too pale compared with the others. Maybe I could paint it?

And here is another from the quilts not now being submitted for exhibition - this is called "Otago 1" (Otago is the region I now live in). The fabric for this is all painted.

The little cutouts feature wildlife in this area - penguins, sea lion, albatross and lizard. I really like this quilt, which is still pinned up and unquilted.


Pam Hall said...

Hi Shirley,

I read your musings everyday and just love it. So glad you are back blogging everyday. I am a kiwi living in Oz now and have good friends in Oamaru so really feel like I am back there when I read your blog. Anyway love the quilts but yes the cream flowers seems to pale especially when all the others have dark backgrounds.

Webfrau said...

The teapots look good - I immediately thought "Mum would like them". Though she'd be turned off by the funky version so I think it's good you're doing both. I agree the light teapot looks the "odd one out".

Clare C said...

Hi Shirley
Love the bright teapots - very cool. Agree that the light one seems too pale in with the others - if you wanted to use that particular light coloured fabric you may need to do another one in the bottom opposite corner.

Pam Price said...

Hi Shirley,
I like soft, pretty colours, and so I quite like the light coloured teapot. However, as others here have said, it is made to look much lighter by the three dark teapots surrounding it. Is there room for a third colourway maybe? IE Bright, dark floral, and soft floral? Also the light coloured pots may look better on a coloured background? Any excuse to make another quilt in my book ha ha :0)Hope your leg is feeling more comfortable :0)

Ros Wilde said...

Hi Shirley

Hope you're well on the road to recovery! I agree with the others about the pale teapot. I actually love the pale teapot but not on that background - it needs something with more contrast. I don't suppose thats an option - four pale floral versions on a darker background? Cheers, Ros

lesley said...

Hi Shirley
You teapots are great. How will you quilkt the background around the teapots - that could have bearing on any changes/embellishment to the lightest one. Maybe you could quilt with something quite dark around it to pop it out and the rest more neutral.
Anyway, all teapots are not created equal!


c51 said...

I like the funky colours of course being a brights personage. I feel that the background colour for the florals is wrong - it needs something to highlight the floral/paleness. Not bright bright but some definitely in keep with floral - ?a green


Leanne said...

Shirley - I LOVE the bright teapots!! Florals are not really my thing but the pale one does look odd one out against the colour of the background and with the others being darker. hope you are feeling better, your hand dyes are going like hot cakes in the shop! Take care.

Carol Dean said...

About the cream teapot -- why not place it on a darker background. Piece four large blocks, one for each pot. You can have two light and two dark...just a thought. I love the bottom two funk ones.