Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dust Never Sleeps

That is today's philosophical comment. Which has nothing to do with the rest of the post, but is more a reflection of the state of my house.

I have been tagged by Valeri and earlier on by someone else (sorry, too rushed to go back and look). Now I have in fact done both those memes before, so I am going to take blogistic licence here and tell you ONE thing about me that most people don't know.

I am incredibly uncoordinated. As in clumsy.

I can't dance. I can't swim. And I am totally unable to follow the likes of an aerobics or yoga instructor because I mix up right and left.

I spill things a lot. I break crockery and glasses a lot. I use mass produced dinnersets for this reason, and buy several of the bone china mugs I like at a time.

Having read a bit about this sort of thing recently, I think I have a mild form of dyslexia. Not the reading/writing dyslexia most people have heard of. I read prolifically, and I'm an articulate speaker. No, there are other horses in the dyslexia stable, and every dyslexic has some variety of symptoms, and with differing degrees of seriousness. When I was a child, dyslexia was unheard of. Anyway, I was good at school. It was only in other stuff that I was hopeless. My mother loved dancing and swimming, and no doubt wonders how she produced such an awkward daughter who can do neither. And so never goes on a dance floor, and seldom enters the water.

Today, I opened a cupboard to get a cloth. A container fell out and as I retrieved it, I knocked over 2 bottles of dye. These had squirt tops on them, so as they fell, they squirted dye onto my jeans, the kitchen mat and the cupboard doors. I would like to say this is unusual but it isn't.

I am not feeling sorry for myself here, so I hope it doesn't come across that way. I have long ago accepted my limitations, which is why I immerse myself in the things I CAN do. And today's thing is some more flour resist. Here's a photo of a pattern I'm trying out, plus I've also done a plain piece and re-floured one of the pieces I did before but wasn't happy with. As it's very windy, I won't do more - I'll paint the monoprints until the flour pieces dry and I can apply dye to them.


brdhsbldr said...

Very interesting.
My "excuse" is that people with fibro myalgia are prone to sudden jerky motions - the sort where you are sitting across from your husband and send your coffee splashing across the table at him - none of this 1/2 way stuff! the whole cup.
My husband's advice to me is to set the cup directly in front of me rather than a bit to the side. The other useful advice I heard was always wear print, as opposed to a plain top.I will add that blue jeans cover a multitude of sins.
I don't know why I don't break things as I do regularly send them flying, or bang them on the edge of the sink.
I guess, with exception of the flying dye, fabric is soft and fairly safe.

Ali Honey said...

For some reason you had me laughing....not unkindly you understand but that you have learnt to accept it so well with a laugh.

You used the word emerse - than say you squirted yourself- that would be your creative streak coming out I guess! LOL.

Glad you are well again!

Anonymous said...

I agree about fibro and sudden jerks - but I've always been incredibly klutzy. Only since being with DH (who has Aspergers and so is alos clumsy) did I find out there was a name: dyspraxia. Granted, most people with that label are FAR worse, but it fits my experience to a T. Motor dyspraxia is when your brain and body just don't quite get it together - I don't want to run into things but I often do - my spatial recognition is WAAAAy off. And left/right/upsidedown/inside out are a constant challenge to me - I cannot count how many times I've sewn sleeves to hems etc because I get so confused!
(And yet I test out as having a high IQ - my other skills must have made up a lot of points of those tests!)

MargaretR said...

Hi Shirley. You make up for that bit of clumsiness in other things. We can't be good at everything.
ilove the wprk shown in the previous post. Fantastic.