Monday, March 31, 2008

Back to basics

This has been a busy weekend, but not a creative one. I spoke to the Canterbury Patchwork & Quilting Guild on Saturday afternoon - it was the AGM, traditionally a fairly dull meeting but I'm sure my talk, entitled "From Naked Men to Rust" enlivened the proceedings somewhat. Ahem. The theme of the talk was "moving outside your comfort zone" and I illustrated with my work over the past 3 years, almost all of which is uncompleted and largely experimental. They can't have been TOO horrified, as they later asked me to be a judge at their show in August.

After packing my dye orders on Sunday, I started to get everything together for the 2009 Quilting Symposium Committee, as they need to print their class booklet 12 months out. So above is the photo I'm using for the "Basic Dyeing Class" - a set of colour gradations.
This set of pieces is for "Beyond The Basics" - hmm, could have used some more ironing. Damn. It was hard to find suitable fabric to illustrate these classes, as I don't tend to dye this way any more. All the photos I had on hand, and from last Symposium, were too small, so I needed to produce more as well as write a tutor profile and class information.
This is the original wallhanging that I will teach again. This was a lovely relaxing class to teach on the last day after 4 hectic days of dyeing. I loved seeing what the class came up with last time.
And this is the sample for the "Surface Design" class which is 2 days long and very full on.

Another chore out of the way! I would love to have more time to develop other classes, but this is going to be a tough year, what with having to put so much energy and time into my other business (the one that earns the money, and owes the money as well).

Such is life.


Suzi-k said...

you have really done some wonderful work lately, those colours and textures are fantastic.

Feather on a Wire said...

I simply love the piece going ornge purple blue!

sharon young said...

Absolutely gorgeous colours, so vivid!!
I'm not up to speed on your blog yet so am new to all your various classes but it looks like you are very busy person!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your comment, it's always apreciated.