Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's all about passion

Bloggers - don't you love 'em? Bloggers like us, I mean. Thanks to all of you who've replied to my last post - though I think I should have said "passion" rather than "obsession". I like passion. I like people who have strong feelings about things, and are enthusiastic about what appeals to them. Passion implies that these feelings are positive and healthy, whereas obsession has moved into the realms of unhealthy.

Can you understand people whose lives involve nothing more than going to work, coming home and watching TV? Or similar? No hobbies, no interests, no passion.

As artists, we are infused with passion. We probably even have passion genes. Ok, at times our flow of passion runs thin and then we struggle to create anything. But it's still there. Viva la passion!


Janet ( said...

I couldn't imagine not being psyched to take photographs of things around me!

cedar51 said...

sometimes passion and obsession go hand in hand just depends how they take over your life - or a good portion of it.

i have a passion for life - not necessarily the same passion you have but definitely seeing what else will add-on or creating something that is going to have add-on's :-)