Sunday, August 27, 2006

And did I mention?

...that my million dollar views are from a property worth around 53,000 British pounds (or 100,000 US dollars)??

Wanna emigrate?


Jo in NZ said...

Shirley!!shush! Don't tell them that!!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Ooops! But Shania hasn't bought ALL of the South Island...yet.

Catherine said...

No, please don't tell them! Of course Oamaru would be cheaper than bigger cities. But I want my children to leave home sometime, and they can't afford to buy their own houses, the way house prices are going up with the high level of immigration (I saw a graph that neatly correlated rises in house prices with high net immigration).
Only 100,000 US dollars may seem low to Americans but wages are so much lower here. Besides a view like that would be at least 200,000 US dollars in Christchurch, more in Wellington or Auckland. House prices in several New Zealand cities rate as "severely unaffordable" by world standards, when expressed in terms of a multiple of the average wage. Oh dear, you hit one of my hobby horses.