Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Turquoise Mood

Unfortunately, it's still too cold here for turquoise to come out well, and my outdoors dyeing technique doesn't help to retain depth of colour. I will have to work on refining it, as the fabric lengths I dyed today are waaaaaaay too pale. The other pieces are painted. If you go here to Vernon's blog and scroll down a bit, you'll see the digital image I was trying to interpret in paint. Vernon has Parkinson's Disease, and while this limits his life, he produces art work and expecially wonderful digital images, full of beautiful colours, that I've often wanted to reproduce in fabric. It's hard though! Posted by Picasa


Lorraine said...

Pale or not, I love them!!! I've been waiting for some more of your dyed fabrics. Yummmmmmy!

Jessica said...

I love the piece in the bottom left corner of the last photo. I'm Jessica, by the way, in Fall River, Massachusetts (about 4 hours NE of New York City, and an hour south of Boston). I was going to comment on your post about comments, but then saw this beautiful fabric and had to comment here instead. I haven't dyed fabrics in over 2 years but I've got some time off work and a desire for green fabric in various shades that just can't be satisfied in the quilt shops. Maybe I'll have to get messy next week. If I keep reading dyer's blogs I may want to do it tomorrow..