Sunday, August 27, 2006


The sewing table is at least visible.

The guest room is ready, the dogs have given up worrying,
the fridge is clean and full, and the chocolate chip cookies are cooling.


Ali Honey said...

Looks pretty clean and tidy to me.I hope it stays that way for you for a little while at least.( enjoy ) Well done creative friend!

Deb R said...

You're doing a great job - everything looks good!

Also your dogs are adorable and your view is to die for.

(Combining comments here, obviously!)

Zaz said...

looking good Shirley! house doesnt look so little to me ?? looks really wonderful!

Pixie said...

ohh, looks like bliss to me. I'm gonna come visit one day.

Lorraine said...

Bravo! Feeling fine, now? I always do after a tough job. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! You earned it.