Sunday, July 30, 2006

Today's little creation

No, I'm not becoming a megalomaniac, and of course I didn't create the sunrise. It's just that, well, I haven't exactly created anything to share with you. I'm knitting my son a pair of pirate socks (with a skull and crossbones on them) but this is a bit slow as I've never actually completed a pair of socks, and these are knit from the toes up so it's all new to me. Plus I'm just knitting in one colour down at the toes, and as a dyer, I don't find that exciting.

And then I digressed to start knitting a jersey for orphans in the Ukraine, because I saw that a local group was doing this, and hell, they need it more than I do. And at the same time, I read "The Orchid Thief" by Susan Orlean - I saw the movie of this some years ago but it was really altered around and didn't enjoy it - and got incredibly excited by orchids again. Again??? Yes.

You may not know this, dear readers, but I was a commercial orchid grower in a former life, around (gulp) 20 years ago. Of course I was married then, to some bloke who's related to my children. I walked away from the orchid business when I left him, and took nothing from it, but over the years I've acquired a few (around 20 or so) plants. Obviously my orchid passion was just simmering under the skin. Do I really need another obsession? Especially an expensive one? Of course not. But that's the nature of obsessions. They're not logical, they're not reasonable and they're not really controllable either.

Do any of you have obsessions apart from fiber? Posted by Picasa


joyce said...

Blogging. I'm sure you will hear that from a lot of bloggers. Our internet was down for a few days and I was in severe withdrawal.

Pixie said...

and swimming.
but mostly blogging, which has a negative affect on the fibre obsession. and that's not good.

Catherine said...

Blogging, of course, and family history - which can get pretty expensive, too, chasing up documents from archives in Scotland and other parts.
Genealogy was responsible for a big downturn in the number of quilts made (but I have just booked my airfares for symposium 2007, so I will be getting back into quilting again).

Deb R said...

You stop by my blog often enough to know I have other obsessions!

Your sunset pics are wonderful!

cedar51 said...

fitness - to such a point it seems that if I miss one of my scheduled days I get quite brassed off with me! So if possible I zoom out the door and I always say "just going for short walk, be right back....." and then 1.30mins later I'm thinking "gee, I think I should turn back!"

sometimes these walks are fast and furious other times they are more "must set the/my world to rights" and find a seat somewhere along the way and just sit and muse!

I have quite a alot of fibre/fiber because my real profession was weaving and dyeing mainly wools BUT I have a huge fabric stash - not just for patchwork! I sometimes sort through boxes and think "wow I wonder where I got that!" seeing it for the first time ever ;-)

the reason that the top closets have their handles tied together is because on release of said doors out pops an awful lot of fleece/carded stuff for spinning! errrrrrrr it explodes out each begging to be "next" :-)

teri springer said...

Plants, books, yarn, beads.....


emmyschoonbeek said...

blogging reading my grandchildren

MargaretR said...

Yes, blogging comes a clase 2nd with me too. I have to stop myself from doing too many crafts as I find myself getting obsessed with any handwork i see. I' also obsessed with photography and of course 'Blogging'.
I love your sunsets Shirley.
Do the orchids need a lot of attention?

Elle said...

Ohmigoodness, those sunsets are stunning.