Sunday, July 23, 2006


Here are the 2 chemo caps that I've knitted this week for my friend Sue, who is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. First, I had to dye the wool (you didn't think I'd use ordinary commercial wool, did you?) and let it dry, which took a day or so. I've used baby wool so they'll be soft and comfortable. I may get back to the 3 garments I'm knitting for myself now.

I guess those of you who have been reading my blog for my quilting art will be disappointed by its recent absence. Truth is, I'm not sure what direction my art is taking. It seems to be wool and fibers that are exciting me at present, and I haven't worked out how to combine these with what I've done before. I've just bought a small loom and I'm keen to see what I can produce on that once I've mantled it (it came dismantled, so I must be able to mantle it). Felting also looks like an exciting possibility. And of course, I am in a dichotomy at present with my other job in mortgages and insurances, which is about as different from art and creativity as you could get. Nothing like using both sides of your brain, but not that easy to do well.

I had this tiny poem appear to me during the night, so I've turned it into a haiku. It's about memories:

A moment in time,
Dipped in sunlight, preserved now
In my memory. Posted by Picasa

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cedar51 said...

Like quilting fabrics and tools - you will soon have some more looms! And a more stash that you can house or use for now :-)

Welcome to the wonderful world of mixed textiles media :-)

cathy, who has 2 working floor looms, a variety of other looms that get workouts from time to time. at least 4 manual spinning wheels and an electronic spinner which all get a share of my time :-)