Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Day 9 - in which I heave a sigh of relief

Today, my homestay went home.  I have had homestays, mostly Chinese, on and off for the past 4 years as a means of bringing in extra money.  Many were teenagers; some were older.  Some were a pain, and some were delightful.  I have decided that there will be no more of them, so now I have the house to myself again, which I enjoy.  However, it's time to tighten the belt.

When there's not much money, you have to take your pleasure where you can find it, and that is in small things.  A beautiful morning, a lovely garden, dyeing wool while the dogs sleep peacefully.

Here's a photo of the sun over Cape Wanbrow - at this time of year, it's rising in a very easterly position.  This photo was taken in 2006, so the Cape is covered in large pine trees which have now been milled.


Nancy J said...

Love the photo, super silhouette. Homestay students, our lovely Mayumi from 2002, she is a new Mum, so I am officially a host- home-stay..grandma!!!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely that you keep in touch!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I've always wondered about these "houseguests" of yours. Not something I've ever been tempted to do, and certainly not in what looks like your tiny quarters. You must feel like you can breath now and it looks like you are enjoying the rearranging. I understand tight budgets - I've had to watch my pennies as I my major source of income since the husband died has been from insurance money that I put into mutual funds - I budget pretty tightly! This year was a bit of a surprise though - I spent so much less than previous years - mostly due to the fact that I took no major trips and just don't seem to need to buy a great deal over the basics. Am losing my interest in "collecting" and just want to use what I have. And as you say, I'm finding so much pleasure in small things where I can find them, not buy them. I guess that's part of aging.

Lovely that you have your wool and your dogs to fill your time and such a lovely area to roam.