Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Day 1 - 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

Let's go right back to the beginning, which is 10 years ago.  When I first heard of blogs (short for web logs), I thought they were pretentious and narcissistic.  Until I started one, of course.  Then I found out what fun they were!  I joined the Artful Quilters webring (a group of blogs based on the same theme - in this case, art quilts), and started reading and commenting on blogs and bloggers I found interesting.  The other bloggers did the same, and we linked to each other via our blogroll (a list of said blogs in our sidebar).

When I went overseas in 2010, I was lucky enough to stay with some of these lovely women, who kindly invited me to visit them - there was Liz Plummer in Wales, Marion Barnett in UK, Lou Heron of the Isle of Man (now in Timaru), Lorna Lafferty in Ireland (not a blogger but she had taken a dye class of mine when in NZ), Veronique in France, and Margo  in France.  There were others whom I didn't get to meet.  They were unfailingly generous and kind to me and I will always appreciate their hospitality.

At the time I started my blog, I had recently moved to Oamaru for the first time.  This was me in Victorian costume:

More on my adventures tomorrow. 


Ali Honey said...

Hi there. It's been a while since I saw your name pop up on my blog list.
Good for you to take on a daily challenge. You write it I will read it.

Nancy J said...

Day 1, well done, and so good to read the names of others who have been a huge part of your life.Oamaru, a wonderful city, lovely old stone building everywhere, and when I visited, huge ruffled pink poppies in the public gardens.

Fran├žoise said...

This is great!
I'm looking forward to following your blogging again!