Thursday, December 03, 2015

Day 3 - some little-known facts

Looking back at my blog in 2007, when I wrote a record 168 posts, I discovered this post when I was tagged in a meme to tell 7 little known facts about myself.   Here they are:

1. I spent about a year living in the Cook Islands and Western Samoa as a baby (don't remember any of it) but haven't been anywhere overseas since then.

2. I vividly remember the very first time I ever put my head under water. Funnily enough it was here in Christchurch at a place called Coe's Ford (not many swimming pools around back then).

3. I have chewed my nails on and off ever since I started school.

4. I started work at the tender age of 16 years and 2 months.

5. I didn't learn to drive until I was 32.

6. I have additional blind spots at the back of my right eye due to having measles as a child.

7. I used to be a commercial orchid grower when I was married (plants, not flowers). I still grow some orchids.

Since then, #1 has changed as I went overseas in 2010. Also #3.

Here's a few more:

8. I love the fact that my grandmother used to live on a lighthouse.

9. I can speed read.

10. I can't swim.
There! Too much information?  Then here's a gratuitous photo of my beautiful cornflowers - I've grown blue and pink ones before, but the seed mix this year has these lovely purple flowers.  Bees love them.

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Nancy J said...

Lovely flowers, and a super place for them. Info, never too much, I would be so scared to find 7 facts about myself these days!!! Love those skeins, they would be lovlier when wound into balls.Did you spin the wool also?