Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 12 - where I show some work that has sold

These are some 2 colour pieces of fabric that I made in 2009 by wicking  - half of the fabric length (they are 1 metre pieces)was placed in a tray of the first colour, and the the other half in an adjoining tray of the contrast colour.  The fabric was soaked in soda ash to start with, so that the dye travelled into the spaces between the trays and ensured that there were no white gaps left between the colours.

I plan to so some fabric dyeing over the holiday period, so maybe I'll make some smaller versions of these.  

This is "Comfortably Numb", an art piece mounted on a canvas.  This sold at TOTE's Art Exhibition earlier this year.  I also made this in 2009.  

One thing to come out of this 31 day Blog Writing Challenge is not just how productive I have been in the past; nor just how much I've forgotten about what I've done, but also how long it can be between starting something and finishing/selling it.  It's embarrassing to realise that some quilts I started 6 or 7 years ago are still unfinished.  However, I DO have plans to turn some quilt tops into duvet covers over the summer, so watch this space.  Sure, they won't be quilts, as they won't have 3 layers, but at least they'll get used.


Nancy J said...

Love those dyed fabrics. I do have some tops that need quilting, for me that is the scary part.However I must get courage by the truckload and start!!!

Fran├žoise said...

Beautiful fabrics! I also have a few quilt tops that I've never quilted. I guess I lost interest.
Looking forward to seeing the duvet covers.