Monday, December 14, 2015

Day 14, in which I muse about children growing up quickly

Today, I was looking back over my blog in early 2010 and found these photos of the quilts I made for my friend Jill's children -
 A pink quilt with ballerina fabric for Ivy;
 a pink and purple quilt with fairy fabric for Melody;
and a blue quilt with frogs and lizards for Cruz.  As usual, I did not use a pattern, and drew the appliqued shapes myself.

Now they are almost 6 years older and living overseas.  The passing of time is so noticeable with children, but not the same with adults.  We just get a few more grey hairs, a few more wrinkles, maybe a few more kilos. Children, on the other hand, grow tall and mature and stop being children.  Maybe some day, I will have grandchildren.  I hope so.  And I also hope I will be able to live close to them so that the passing of the years is not so evident because I will see them often.

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Nancy J said...

lovely quilts, I'm sure they are treasured now as much as earlier. Yes, live closer to grandies, baby to toddler to teenager goes so fast.