Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day 13 - in which I show off a bit

In 2006, I was approached by Patchwork & Stitching magazine, an Australian publication, to show some examples of my work that they wanted to feature in their magazine.  They chose a quilt that I called "Home is Where the Hearts are", and I duly mailed the quilt to Australia.

It was photographed, and published in Volume 6, No. 6 (July 2006) along with the instructions that I had supplied.

It wasn't the quilt that I would have chosen as representative of my work.  It's a raw edged, quilt-as-you-go quilt, made entirely from cotton - but not from flannel, as most of these quilts are.  There's a small quantity of a commercial Batik print in it, but the rest of the quilt top and backing is made entirely from my hand dyed fabrics.

The quilt is sandwiched with cotton batting so is 100% cotton.

One thing I remember about making this quilt is getting very sore hands from all the snipping that has to be done to produce the fluffy raw edges.

It's always been a teeny bit of a sore point with me that one of my quilts has been to Australia, but I haven't.

This time round in Oamaru, I'm not living in a stone cottage, but the quilt is still with me, and is used as extra bedding or as a large rug when it's cold.


Nancy J said...

Bright and beautiful, and it tells me of a home with love. And so you should be very proud.

Julie said...

It looks a very attractive quilt Shirley. The raw edge pain was worth it, it's alovely finish.