Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Day 2, 31 Day challenge

Firstly, thanks to my blog friends who have started reading my blog again!

Looking back over my blog is fun - you forget a lot of the little stuff.  Here's some yarn porn from 2006 -
I didn't even remember that I was hand painting yarn back then.  According to my blog, this was around the time I went to a Creative Fibre (spinners & weavers) retreat in Queenstown.  Some of the Textile Emporium members were also there, although I didn't know them then.  I was asked to go to the retreat to demonstrate dyeing in the microwave.  I remember that some of the women were quite sceptical when I whipped the hot wool out and stuck it straight under a cold tap.  They were sure that it would felt but of course, it doesn't - to felt, wool needs both heat and agitation.

Here's my more recent skeins.  These are all single colours, with light, medium and dark variations.  I currently have 1 kilo of wool that needs dyeing, and I hope to get that done today while it's fine and sunny.  


Nancy J said...

Bright as can be in the earlier photo, and today delicate and muted, lovely shades. Up here it is warm, I see warm your way too. Are you still dying fabric? Great to read your words every day again.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Yes, I still dye fat quarters for quilters. Nice to catch up.

Fran├žoise said...

Yummy! Would be nice for a weaving project.

Julie said...

I need to find out about microwave dyeing for some mohair based wool I bought recently. Yours looks great. I like both looks, the strong and the subtle.