Sunday, June 01, 2008

Subtle and understated

Not words normally applied to me, and I'm the first to admit that. Today, however, I'm doing a work that is both.

Yes, I know I have many, many creations that remain uncompleted...but unless something really engages and excites me, I move on. Today I wanted to make something using the outline of a body. As a result of my Google search, I discovered Henri Matisse. Interestingly, he died exactly a month to the day after I was born. You can read about him here if you're so inclined. What I discovered about him that was so interesting to me was that he did paper cut-outs.

If you're a long-time reader of my blog, you'll know that I have a thing about fabric cut-outs. I decided to use a Matisse Blue Nude as the basis for my cut-out which I made from hand-dyed silk. Then I covered it with organza:
I also wanted to quilt using lines, so first I made some as my starting point:
Then I started to quilt the area outside the lines vertically, and the area inside would be horizontal. As Naiads are water nymphs, the lines needed to have curves and ripples in them.
This is where I got to by lunchtime. And here's the reverse:

It's a small piece, about 11 by 9 inches.


Doreen K. said...

ooooh, it is so beautiful. Love the subtle colors. And the quilting.

Webfrau said...

This is looking wonderful, very interesting piece. I do hope this is one we'll see finished.

Ali Honey said...

That's an interesting idea! Love the new "you" very flattering!

Anonymous said...

Wow inspiring Shirley. What a great and enjoyeable concept.



Anne Wigfull said...

Terrific stuff!!