Sunday, June 22, 2008

Screen printing Day 2

Of course, this was the fun day when we really got into it. Here's Carla, the tutor. You can see more of her wonderful printed hosiery here.

If you like her stuff, I'm sure she'd consider shipping overseas - drop her an email!
Here are some footless tights that I bought - these are seconds so cost $3 instead of $30 or so. Very chic! I started printing with the fish, and also printed some teatowels that I'll give away.
Then I got onto the tree, and started to play with light to dark images, and putting another colour through the middle.
I did lots of trees, as these suited the hand dyed fabric. They ranged from these subtle ones.... some brighter.... this fluoro pink one....
...and some on brighter backgrounds. I also printed a few calico bags.

Now to think about what to do with all my tree images.......any ideas?


Ahava Hopps Brooke said...

cool stuff. i think the trees would be cool in a medallion quilt - maybe w/ a touch of the 4 seasons motif?

Valeri said...

Love those trees. Very cool! And love the tutor's hair colour. Wonder if I might go that colour myself! Mmmmm!

Anonymous said...

It would be cool to have my own screen printing equipment to make t-shirts with whatever images I want.

margaret said...

Those trees cry out for birds to sit in them!

Rhonda said...

Hello Shirley. Your work is fabulas. I just love drawing trees. They have lots of character. I have dabbled in painting fabric but as with things like that, one really has to sink alot of attention into it.....since quilting is my primary thing, I had to concentrate on that.....LOL Maybe in my OLD age I'll get back to it.