Saturday, June 07, 2008

First snow!

Where I grew up was a long way from snow, and we weren't a wealthy family who could afford to go skiing, so I get very excited snow now that I live somewhere it happens from time to time. Today the temperature has dropped from 16 degrees Celsius at lunchtime to 0 degrees by 3pm, as a southerly front passed over. Above is the front lawn after about an hour.
And here's the vege garden out the back.
These plants are on the front deck. I'm hoping it'll snow for a while but I've taken the photos now in case it stops.
Driveway with car and poodle. The car lights are not on, they're just showing the reflection of the flash.
And here is the street view.


Webfrau said...

BRRR! You can keep it Shirley! It's cold enough up here in Auckland for me and we're not even close to snow!

Feather on a Wire said...

I'm with you. Apart from our glorious last year in England when we had loads of snow, growing up in Queensland meant we didn't have any. And despite all the English Christmas cards portraying snow, we don't really get much in the south of the England.
I love it!

Karen said...

I am so glad winter is over for us here in the states. This last one lasted way to long with much to much snow. Right now it is a hot humid 90 F. here in Chicago.

Donald said...

I suspect by the time you read this comment Shirley you'll have had enough of snow, but only as long you've built a snowman/woman, and thrown a few snowballs?

I like the shot of the snow on the flowers - the white contrasts things in a really nice way.

We missed a lot of the snow here in Central Otago, but there is plenty of wind and black ice to compensate!

sharon young said...

Wow! It seems really weird to see all this snow while we had the hottest day of the year here in England yesterday.
Great picks!

V-Grrrl said...

The high temp in Virginia (U.S) today was 39 degrees C.

Send snow!