Sunday, June 29, 2008

Refugee Quilt - Sunday morning

This is the 9 fabric version of this pattern. Cut your fabric into 4 inch strips (there will be 4 strips of each colour) , arrange in a pleasing sequence, and sew together. Press. Then sew together to form a tube.
Cut each tube into 10 x 4 inch tubes. Unpick somewhere (I started with the red square, as I wanted these around the centre), lay out your strip, then proceed to unpick 7 more, moving where you unpick along one colour each time. Sew all these together, then make a mirror image set for the other side.
Here the left hand side is all sewn, including the extra strip that forms the centre. The right hand side is still unsewn.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - lots of great blogs lately with interesting comments and much great colour. Nice to see on a truly wintery day.

Cheers Donald