Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ready to roll...

The colour slippage in the wash was a bit of a godsend really, as I decided there just wasn't enough ZING in the colours I was using, so I made some more. Yes, yes, I'm not going to get this done over the weekend, am I? But the time frame is entirely my own, I just want to get on and make it.

So here's the final 9 fabrics in the lineup. I added the red as the centre fabric (a la log cabin blocks) to symbolise home and hearth, and added a pale yellow and pale blue.

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Lisa said...

What a lovely idea to make a quilt for the refugee family your daughter is involved with. The volunteers sure do have a big job to set up the houses for refugees to settle in. And yes, I too find it astonishing that the houses don't have curtains!! Here in Palmerston North blankets always seem to be on the needs list too. Anyway, good luck with the quilt!