Saturday, June 28, 2008

Personal Philosophies

Now you MAY think that, as an art quilter and someone who is always trying out new techniques, I am not interested in traditional crafts. Not so. I have just bought these little handkerchiefs from a local Op (=Thrift) Shop - someone has taken the trouble to crochet around the edges. Not something that is done nowadays. They cost me 20 cents each. In my living room, I have this lovely crocheted cotton tablecloth. Click on the photo to get a closer look at what I'm reading!
In the big oak china cabinet, I have a couple of drawers like this....I just adore old embroidered stuff.

One of my personal philosophies is a variation of "what goes around, comes around". I say "take help when you need it, and give it when you don't". My daughter Sophie has got involved with the refugee resettlement programme as a a volunteer. She has been assigned to help an Eritrean family, and they have just moved out of the camp into a state house. She is loving her dealings with the family, and all the other Eritreans they know that come around to the house, and has asked me to make them a quilt.
I wanted a quick, easy but effective design, so I chose "trip Around The World" - a very appropriate design, I thought. I had this commercial fabric which I used as the base, and then dyes some matching fabrics to go with it.
For the dyers - lime green made from Sun Yellow with a dash of Turquoise; Dark Green; Sun Yellow withsome Tangerine; Emerald green; and Sapphire Blue.

I put the fabrics into a hot wash and went out for half an hour or so. When I came home, the washing machine plug had fallen out enough to stop the machine, so I fear there have been colour bleeds into the yellow and lime. If so, I'll do some more.

More photos coming!


Anonymous said...

That will be one beautiful Trip Around the World quilt! And what an appropriate pattern for people who have moved so far from home.
Loooove the crocheted tablecloth!

The Calico Cat said...

I have a couple of those hankies that my great-grandmother made - & a towel or two that have the same treatment.