Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hot Stuff....but no Parental Advisory required

I've been playing with my hot tool (no, not THAT sort of tool! Grubbyyyyyy!). I've burned a stencil of my taniwha design (taniwha are mythical Maori monsters - however, I should mention that our national roading authority, Transit NZ, had to divert the building of a highway, or pay reparation, or something, NOT VERY LONG AGO...because the road was going through an area with a taniwha in it). Hmmmm......interestingly, there's no accepted form for a taniwha - if you Google it, you'll see all sorts of different designs. This is one that I like.

Unfortunately, my stencil plastic prefers to be cut with a knife rather than burnt, so it's not a complete success as the stencil has bumpy edges where the plastic's melted. It's rather fun burning things, though!

And here's something else hot - the latest edition of Textile, the magazine of the Australian Textile Fibre Forum. This mag is LUSCIOUS!


Andrew said...

Hey, that looks nice. Is this your hobby or your job? Anyways, looks like fun. Hello from the states! Take care.

Andrew in Alabama
The 4th Avenue Blues

Anonymous said...

Is this the Walnut thingummy textile tool with the interchangeable tips?

And waaah - my copy of TFF isn't here yet! Not fair!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Indeed that IS the Walnut Hollow thingummy.

Sophie said...

Now that's impressive - You've got your issue of Textile before me and I live in Australia!!