Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Art for your couch - what do YOU think?

I am working on producing a range of cushions as art for your couch, and I'm having some difficulty in deciding just what to do. This is why I've been posting my old work.

This is a piece of my Blended range of fabric, that I've leaf printed in metallic paints. The colour is more orangey than the photo shows, and the stamping is in bronze and pearl white.

Your opinion, please! Would this appeal to you? Is it sufficiently arty? or complex? Should I do more stamping or printing or dyeing? Or is this enough?

Also....I want to print images (a la naked man sort of thing, but with Pacific/Maori themes), but I'm constrained by the A4 size that will go through my printer. This is not an ideal size for a cushion, as it'll need to be pieced with similar or other fabric to get to the right size. Any brilliant ideas?

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Donald said...

>I'm constrained by the A4 size

Photo copy onto an overhead projector transparency, then use a OHP machine to project and magnify onto a surface you could hand trace the outlines?

Valeri said...

Nice piece of fabric but if it were me I'd want a bit more...such as texture or embellishments.

Sheila said...

The color is very pleasing to me. I love orange-red-pink ranges. I could see the fabric with some great embellishments on it. I have been enjoying looking at your "older" works. They are new to me.

Webfrau said...

Dare I suggest investing in a wide format printer? A3.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the "naked Man" sort of thing is, exactly... (intrigued, though!)!

When I need an oversized stamp, I use thin plywood for a base, and usually cut the stamp out of "fun foam", which is a thin foam that comes in sheets. (art supply stores) You can get it with adhesive on one side, or plain. I have used industrial felt for this, as well, but the foam is easier to cut out and clean off.

As to the degree of "artiness", that's up to you! This example is perfect for some people, and too busy, or too plain for others! Adapting your "quote of the month"; "...which ones to keep", and when to stop!