Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Evil Twin strikes again (or money and desire don't coincide)

I am rejoicing this week about The Paying Off Of The Credit Card, due to a well-deserved influx of income from my day job. In case you're unaware, this is a million miles away from what you see on this blog - I am a mortgage & insurance broker & investment adviser. This is all commission based, so I can work whatever hours I like. That is good.

The bad part is that it often takes weeks (even months) before I get paid for what I do. I've lived on commission for around 10 years so I'm used to it, but it doesn't suit many people.

What has this got to do with books, Evil Twins, money and desire, I hear you ask?

I have had only a very small income for some weeks, (ok, quite a few weeks) due to taking all January off to concentrate on the National Quilting Symposium. When you earn commission, the flow-on effects of not working for a period of time don't manifest themselves for a couple of months, because of the delay in being paid as mentioned above. Consequently (I AM getting there!), my credit card was somewhat higher than normal because of the Evil Twin (ahem!) being seduced by bee-ootiful books on Amazon. Above you can see the latest - these are 2 very small books, but very cute ones.

You see, when the Evil Twin sees desirable books, she HAS to have them. Right now. Allowing for the fact that they'll take several weeks to reach New Zealand. That's practically delayed gratification, right? By which time, I fondly imagine (oops, I mean...the Evil Twin fondly imagines) that I will be paid. However, the vagaries of commission mean I often have no idea when I will actually receive money, so the credit card balance was creeping higher and higher, and my credit limit was getting very small.

But now it's all paid off. Isn't that great?


Ali Honey said...

I think the Evil Twin has quite an eye and taste for things appealing! I just love the cover with the coloured pastels; the broken bits put carefully back together ( maybe done especially for the photo shoot )and every colour sitting so happily with every other colour.
I hope you find the book is just as exciting inside if the Evil Twin lets you take a look, when it arrives.

Kate said...

It's all a balancing act, isn't it. Everyone has an evil twin - they tend to have the most fun.
Have you seen Victoria Finlay's book called 'Colour; Travels through the Paintbox'? Not as many illustrations but still a good read.

candyschultz said...

I have an evil twin as well and Amazon is a very dangerous invention for it. My walls are covered with bookshelves. There is no more room for art or quilts. I thoroughly sympathize. Books just demand instant gratification.

candyschultz said...

You are welcome. I buy books on everything. I have 900+ cookbooks and probably that many textile books as well. And then there are thousands of fiction and nonfiction. I just like books. And to read them of course.

Sheila said...

Good to hear the credit card companies don't have you to kick around least for a while! I have that color book. It is a very interesting book.

Mechelle said...

Ohhh - books with bright colors on the cover are always so hard to resist - especially if more colors are inside :o) It's a great feeling to pay off a credit card - enjoy!

Donald said...

Truth be known we all have that et [whom I won't name at the risk of empowering]. By other names we all have it I believe, and it has to be that way to keep a balance [all the way to Amazon even].

Krazy Kathy said...

Shirley, thanks for visiting my blog and more so for the encouragement. I too make a lot of jokes about my life. With a crappy marriage, a handicapped child, and my own insanity, I have had to make jokes. But it could be worse -- I could be dead! LOL.