Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fortunately I'm still sane

I find dyeing and creative stuff keeps me sane. Perhaps I need to do more of it than many other people for this reason?

While you ponder on are the skeins I dyed at the spinners and weavers open day that I went to a couple of days ago. The pastel one I made to show a woman that you can, in fact, dye in pastels after she said dyeing wasn't for her as she didn't like bright colours.

As usual, click on the photo to see it in more detail.

Today I may do something creative annual accounts!


KathyR said...

Didn't they come up nicely! I still like the very dark one.

Diane D. said...

Very lovely. I'm going to try yarn dyeing again once I get past my self imposed quilting deadline!

Tanya said...

Beautiful colours! I must get to dyeing one of these days!

Krazy Kathy said...

Gorgeous colors, Shirley. Do you sell them or just make them for your own work?

Kathy in CA, USA