Thursday, February 22, 2007

What the.........??????

I think I've bemoaned this fact before - New Zealand is a country of 4 million people (and happily, 3 million of those live on the OTHER island from me) and 44 million sheep... yet we are poorly served for woollen yarns compared to overseas. Also for knitting related accessories.

One gem I haven't seen here, but is now My Preciousssss is a set of Denise interchangeable needles. Not cheap, but essentially just about every size of knitting needle you could want in one kit. Use 'em straight, use 'em circular....they just snap together in an ingenious way. They also act as cable needles and stitch holders.

I bought them in order to make Moebius scarves. Remember the Moebius strips you made at school? The things with the twist which really only have 1 side? Well, Cat Bordhi has invented a way to knit them in one piece (ie without just knitting a rectangle and joining the ends with a twist.

Here's a partly completed one, made with 70% merino wool which is sooooooo soft - I can't wait to finish it.
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Webfrau said...

I've seen these in magazines. I look forward to hearing how you get on with them - they seem like a fantastically convenient idea.

joyce said...

I am not much of a knitter anymore, but a set of these would get me going again I'm sure. That scarf is intriging.

Caitlin said...

ooooh, these are almost geeky enough to get me over the last hurdle before I turn into a knitter! Looking forward to seeing that moebius scarf on, too.

Janet said...

You know...I don't think my brain could allow me to do that.