Friday, February 09, 2007

A Feast of Weekend Reading

These treasures appeared in my mailbox this morning, the result of my Evil Twin (ahem!) bending the plastic (translation: using the credit card)at over Christmas. Well, I have to blame someone for my excesses!

While the internet is wonderful and I spend a lot of time online, nothing will replace books. I don't buy novels, only books on the topics that interest me, namely dyeing, surface design, knitting, and most recently, Victorian clothing. I can't resist the sight of wonderful dyed yarns and fabrics, and to be able to drool over these whenever and wherever I want can't be replaced by looking at a screen.
That's not to say that I only read reference books! I've always been a prolific reader, and normally read 2 to 3 books a week. I love murder mysteries - not for the blood and gore, but because I find the problem solving so appealing - so I always get a few of these from the library; and I love travel books. I've never actually BEEN anywhere but I'm a great armchair traveller.

What kind of books do YOU love?
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Lorraine said...

I love mysteries, too, for the same reason. A little Sci-fi or fantasy thrown in for good measure, as well as good knitting/quilting books - ah, that's the life!

Simonetta said...

And' always a pleasure to visit your blog, Shirley :))))

Suzi-k said...

glad I'm not the only one who had an evil twin who abuses plastic! Mine can't resist CDs, the 2 latest ones are by Mark Knopfler. When it comes to books, i prefer to buy "hands on". anything to do with travel and adventure, especially sailing and places like antartica, anything about art, architecture, photography. Biographies, a pretty eclectic mix really. I seldom buy novels, but read a lot from the library.

Conni Lu said...

Reading is a wonderful treat. I love almost any quilting book and I collect and read the "Elm Creek Quilters" novels (this is not the title) by Jennifer Chiaverini. Also I love all the gothic historical mystery novels by Victoria Holt.
Conni Lu

Elizabeth said...

I will read anything anytime - just ask my kids. I was famous to them for choosing the fish and chip shop by the variety of their newspapers.
I draw the line at thrillers tho - probably cured at an early age by the smoking guns and bllod dripping knives on the covers of my mothers bedside reading.
I'm a keen fan of maeve binchy and really mourned the passing last week of sidney Sheldon. I've never found a dud amongst Oprah's books of the month and I'm currenty enjoying some historical novels particularly Phillippa Gregory's tudor novels which have particular interest as My husban is descended from the Dudley/Ward's and me from the Howard's. Sadly religeon divides them today just as in the past.We've surrpassed that problem largely by bypassing sectarianism.