Monday, February 26, 2007

Wandering Around the World while I stay at home

Yes, once again my fabric has been wandering around the world. This piece has gone to Holland and the United States, where Wil and Von respectively have stamped and painted on the dyed background as part of a Round Robin that some of us from the Surfacing list did.

This is the "staying at home" bit - the view out over the harbour this morning before the sun came up.

I love living by the sea because I never get tired of looking at it.

And while I've been staying at home, here's the finished Moebius scarf.

The 70% merino wool was lovely to knit and it feels great on. This scarf isn't big enough to wear around my shoulders but that's ok - I made it with just one 50 gram ball.

I think I'll knit another Moebius in a larger size to wear as a wrap. Maybe in a kacy pattern, as these look great.


Sheila said...

Round robins are interesting because you never know what the end product will be like. I really like the look of the fabric. Your picture of the harbor is beautiful.

Suzi-k said...

Yummy picture, i also find it so amazing to see the different moods of the sea every day, i know it sounds corny, but just a glimpse kind of "centres me' for the day!
Your post title would actually be very apt for the world of blogging, i love that i can stay here at the bottom of Africa, but visit friends all across the world, from New Zealand right across to Canada, whenever i feel like it!

MargaretR said...

I love these Moebius scarves. One day I would like to make one.

Say said...

Moebius looks so cozy!

The view of the ocean is beautiful. I love living by it too.