Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Deep Purple

Gladioli are often snubbed as a beautiful flower, maybe because they were once only available in pastels, and maybe because of Dame Edna Everage (Aussie and NZ readers will know of whom I speak!)

However, they now come in such fabulous colours, like this. I also have some in a lovely lavender shade, and another in derk cerise. This deep purple seems to be the most prolific though.

I hope it brightens up the day for those blog readers whose days are filled with snow and freezing temperatures.
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Ali Honey said...

No snow here - it is rather humid! That doesn't stop me appreciating the colour of those glads. The bud stage is almost black isn't it.I love purple! Well done that gardener!

joyce said...

It does brighten my day. Our wind chill right now is -42. Indoor weather to be sure.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Very pretty! Thw sun is very bright here today but still very cold. Wish I was with you, I need to warm up.

Terry Mason said...

Gorgeous! Both the dark and the bright colors, have been around for a long time up here in southern California; in fact, it is probably harder to find the pastels around here. But, like Iris, I think a lot of people just buy the cheaper bulb packages from their local home store or nursery, in whatever colors they happen to be that year.
Nice, how many knitters are also terrific cooks, gardeners, and readers.
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