Saturday, February 03, 2007

Warning - gratuitous cute animal photo

This is my older cat, Seven, sitting in the front garden this morning. She was indeed the seventh cat in the household when I got her, but now I have only her and her daughter Grizabella. They are Manx cats which have no tails.

It's always amused me to have people say things like" I see you have those Minx cats" or "Are those Lynx cats?"

Manx are really interesting. Those with the strong Manx personality like Seven behave more like dogs than cats. They are also very athletic and are excellent climbers, which shows that tails are really there for decoration more than for balance or support.
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joyce said...

Cute cat and you garden looks lovely,especially when I look out and see snow and -30 temperatures.

Sheila said...

The garden is lovely. The photo looks like a pro! Eye candy for the winter weather we are having here in the US.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Your garden is very pretty! I love Seven's fur colors. She looks very happy in the garden.

SeamRippstress said...

Lovely garden and Manx kitty! I have a Manx and Domestic mix kitty and everyone asks what happened to her tail?!

brdhsbldr said...

We once had litter mates of mixed heritage. They were long haired, black, and beautiful. One was Manx and she had extra long back legs andtended to sort of hop.
I am told orange cats are usually male but Seven is a beautiful lady - noble in bearing.
We would have to name the next one Ten. I keep saying maybe we'll get decent furniture when the cats are gone and then another stray lands on the doorstep.