Sunday, September 10, 2006

Spring is sprung

I know it's autumn/fall for many of my blog readers, but here it's glorious spring! Here's a few pix of stuff in flower at Tillia House (yes, my little stone cottage has a name). The house was rented for many years and its garden suffered the neglect that rented property gardens do, so I'm in the process of turning it into a wonderland. I've planted around 25 roses, mainly old fashioned and David Austin varieties, plus a myriad of fruit trees and perennials. It'll take 2 or 3 growing seasons before it starts to look really good.

Do you like my spot out on the back deck? Posted by Picasa


Helen Suzanne said...

I think your seasons are going to keep me going through our winter shirley. thank you for showing :)

emmyschoonbeek said...

wonderful have a very good spring

Ali Honey said...

Hi Shirley,
I hope you have Charles Austin amongst your collection. It has a wonderful perfume. I have several others but it is my favourite for smell. Meg is my favourite for flower shape and amazing stamens.We have Spring too....lovely.

Janet said...

beautiful! Wish I was there!