Sunday, September 17, 2006

Discharging (removing) colour

The next round of photos will have to wait, as the batteries in my camera have gone flat. Rats.

Charleen asked about the bleach pen -"Wouldn't it take all of the color out?" so i thought I'd answer that while waiting for the batteries to charge.

Black is mostly used when discharging, as black is not actually a colour! Black dye is made up of mixes of a whole lot of other colours, so when you discharge it, with bleach or discharge paste or thiox, you never quite know what colour will be underneath, especially with commercially dyed fabric. Seldom do they actually discharge back to white - you can get lovely pinks, tans, oranges and so on. This is why I want to overdye and discharge some fabric myself, so I can see how it goes. Photos coming later!


Charleen said...

Thanks for the answer, Shirley. I'll be waiting for the pictures!

Deb R said...

I'm loving seeing the photos of how this process is going! It'll be interesting to see how the discharge experiment goes.