Thursday, September 28, 2006

Seventy-two Ways

For all my readers who are quilters or stitch by machine, I've recently bought this booklet by Dijanne Cevaal, with whom I took a dyeing class back in 1999.

It's called "Seventy-two Ways Not To Stipple Or Meander - Ideas For Free Machine Quilting". As someone who suffered an inferiority complex about showing my quilts for years because of my complete inability to do either of those, I LOVE this book. And because it's hard to think up quilting patterns by myself, I decided to pick Dijanne's brains instead. And I must say that I'd never have thought of some of these designs. Time to get out all the WIPs?
(translation: WIP = Work in Progress, aka UFOs or UnFinished Objects) Posted by Picasa


Pixie said...

Now that looks very interesting. be sure and show us what you do.

Deb H said...

And what a great brain to pick. I've seen her work up close & personal. Actually got to touch & hang one of her quilts here when we had the Husqvarna Viking Feel Free exhibit here. Her quilt was our cover quilt for the book that was published for the show. I was honored to be in the same show with her.