Sunday, September 03, 2006

More wicked fabric

I did a second set, with more subtle colours. the Rust Orange/Chocolate brown combination is lovely. I like the Wisteria/Stormy Grey one too. This piece (shown as a folded strip, because I ironed it damp and it's acquired a dark stripe along each ironed edge) was my original wicked piece. I used 3 colours, primary yellow, red
and blue, but I wasn't happy with my first attempt at making the colours blend where they met, plus I don't really enjoy working with what I call "hard" primary colours.

So I applied discharge paste with a natural sponge, and then overdyed it with Warm Black. I rather like the murky sulky colours that have resulted. Posted by Picasa


joyce said...

Your fabrics are gorgeous. I like the idea of letting the process do itself and see what happens.

jackie said...

Lovely colours. I've been trying some low immersion dyeing - its a bit addictive isn't it? I like the faux indigo as well.