Sunday, September 17, 2006

Marbling with Shaving Cream

Here's some of the wrok in progress as I played with shaving cream. I swirled the dye around with a pastry brush - kept especially for this purpose, of course.

But while marbling is kinda fun, I find it annoying and messy. You can only dye fabric the size of the tray you're using, then you're supposed to carefully lift the fabric up and leave it to dry while covered in shaving cream. The fabric, that is. I don't exactly have spaces in my house where I can sit several metres of gucky fabric to dry, so I stuck them out on the line, dried them, then rinsed them and probably washed a lot of the colour away. Posted by Picasa


Bonnie said...

Even though the process is a pain, your marbled pieces are beautiful.

joyce said...

Now I must try marbling. I have the marbling stuff that you mix up, I forget what it's called. Maybe it's less messy than shaving cream. Anyway, I think your results are great. Pastel is good too.

Anonymous said...

I love your beautiful patterns, Shirley!

I found you can squeegee the shaving cream off the fabric immediately and the fabric will be nearly dry. I use Tsukineko all purpose inks. The pattern is set as soon as it touches the ink. I heat set using a press cloth.

Anonymous said...

oops...I heat set using a press cloth and a hot iron!!!