Thursday, September 21, 2006

Beaded markers

The lovely Hattie (see previous post) works part-time in a bead shop when not attending uni. I asked her if she'd whip me up a couple of beaded knitting markers, and sent her a photo of some I'de seen on the net. I thought these were a bit classier than the bent paper clips and bits of wool I'd been using.

Today I received these lovely green and purple markers in the mail. Don't they make you just want to go knit something? Posted by Picasa


DubiQuilts said...

What a great idea!

Just the other day when I was looking in a box of my moms knitting I found some plastic markers that have to be 45 - 50 years old. I bet my mom would of loved the beaded ones.

Maureen said...

Why waste them on your knitting?
They'd make GREAT hoop ear-rings!

Zaz said...

I think they're super .......and agree - juts wear them!!! why bother knitting ????