Saturday, March 04, 2006

True Confessions

I've been reading some other blogs, and feel I must confess.....I do NOT store my fabric by colour. There. Now it's out. Admittedly, my fabric doesn't have a proper "home" but it's stored more by technique than anything else. And commercial fabric has its own bin. I mean, where would you store this stuff? I am finding these multicoloured "striped" fabrics wonderful for fabric postcards, and will certainly make more of this when I'm mobile. The colours are quite soft and earthy, which I prefer to primary colours.

Ok. Ready for another confession? You may have noticed I have a penchant for Taniwha. In fact, I adore all sorts of dragons. There's a Chinese one at my front door, I have a possibly 1000 year old old jade dragon that my brother gave me, plus quite a few small ceramic and terracotta ones in my bedroom. Well, my addiction goes beyond dragons. I am attracted to all kinds of weird and odd creatures. And now I've decided to embrace this, and make them my own. Here's the birth of some new fabric postcards.

Clearly, bizarre cutouts are my "thing". If you like any of these and would like to exchange with me, let me know. You can even pick a particular design if you like. And if you're wondering, yes that IS a cat in the lower right hand corner. A very geometric cat, with a hexagonal tail.


Maureen said...

I'll swap postcards with you, Shirley.

Maureen said...

Look out's another Maureen!
I got the link from Maureen's Tangled Threads.

I love your geometric cat PC.......!