Friday, March 17, 2006


No photos today, readers, just some thoughts.

It's funny how life turns out. Back in January, I didn't expect to spend 3 months sitting at home unable to walk or drive (it'll be that long before I'm properly mobile). So all my plans have had to be postponed, and I've tried to find something good from the situation. Which I have.

As you know, I've been spending much of this time doing creative work. Initially, I sat down with my "inspirations" book, a loose leaf folder with photos of other artists' quilts that particularly appealed to me. I thought that I would make some copycat works - you know, suck out someone's ideas and twist them a bit. Surprisingly, this didn't happen. What has emerged is something quite different. Bear with me through this introspection, reader. I don't often do this.
A few months ago, I worried that I had no particular style. I mean in the sense of someone looking at a quilt and saying "Oh yes, that's a Shirley Goodwin". I had tried all sorts of techniques, but hadn't found anything that really suited. And as an "intuitive" artist (translation : I have no training of any kind), what I makes comes from inside with little planning or drawing, often none at all. I am intrigued now to find that a style IS emerging, and it bears no relationship to the quilts in my inspirations book. It is entirely mine. And I have also decided that the "striped" fabrics that I made just before the accident are the kind I want to continue making. They are also different from what everyone else is doing. I am content.

End of profound thoughts.

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teri springer said...

Very interesting. I also keep a notebook of other quilter's work as an inspiration. And, like you, I have not had a discernible "style." I have just decided to follow my instincts and do what I will and see what happens......

Oh, and a Happy St. Patty's Day to you (tho, as a Pagan Celt I am not really a fan of old Paddy's)but, being a good Irishwoman, I tip back a Killian's in honour of my kinsmen.

teri (descendant of proud Mick's from Cork, Kerry and Killarney)